The Opportunity to Attract Talent

The Opportunity to Attract Talent

Many businesses have had to make the difficult decision to downsize. Layoffs and furloughs have affected people regardless of education, skill set or growth potential. And while many companies are unable to begin hiring again, others should consider – even if the timing isn’t ideal – the opportunity that exists to attract top-performing talent.

Information Technology is a unique space. It’s unlike many other professions. For years there has been a skills gap and a shortage of technical talent. Businesses across the country have struggled to move mission-critical initiatives forward due to the lack of available tech talent. Leaders have labeled it the “war on talent” and cities have invested millions in trying to attract and retain these professionals.

Now may be one of the best opportunities to attract talent.

Although tech hasn’t been impacted as significantly as other areas, it has been a long time since this many people have been looking for work. Whether a full-time employee or an IT consultant, now may be one of the best opportunities to attract talent that’s been too elusive to catch in recent years. Take a look at some of the most In-Demand Skills for tech roles in today's IT workplace.

This may mean leaders and hiring managers embrace a new way of thinking and doing business. Perhaps it means hiring talent located on the other side of the country or reprioritizing initiatives across an organization.  

The circumstances around COVID-19 and the efforts to mitigate risk bring opportunity for very few, but for businesses looking ahead and thinking long-term, now may be a great opportunity to enhance their IT teams.

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