Proven Process

An Engineered Service Delivery Model

Long before businesses were focused on cybersecurity and cloud computing, Paragon was helping clients find and hire the right IT talent to prepare for a new era of digital transformation.

Clients continue to leverage Paragon’s experience, speed to market and industry knowledge to augment teams or outsource off-site/off-shore. Paragon has a pulse on IT talent and the ability to scale through a proven service delivery model and with strategic partners on three continents.

With the knowledge gained from 25 years of listening to the challenges faced by IT executives, Paragon has engineered a proven process to help clients navigate through change and challenge. While simple on the surface we ensure we understand the clients short- and long-term goals through a detailed discovery process that includes an evaluation of technology, team and requirements all before establishing a service level agreement.
With an experienced team of IT recruiters, we identify and validate the legitimacy and experience of candidates, helping to ensure that only qualified candidates that match the client’s requirements and culture are considered.

Once a candidate is offered, both clients and consultants can have peace of mind that Paragon has a dedicated Consultant Relationship Program that helps provide continual support. From intentional onboarding to advocacy, professional development and excellent benefits, Paragon provides robust communication and engagement between clients and consultants – resulting in attraction of top talent and reducing costly turnover.

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