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Salary Trends
‍The infographic above is based on opportunities with Paragon clients from June 2010 through June 2012. These are the most in-demand jobs we recruited for during that time frame.
Swing Thoughts for the Interviewing IT Professional
In golf, there are a thousand things you can be thinking about as you address the ball. Professional golfers have one thought, a "swing thought." Keeping it simple keeps them from suffering "paralysis from analysis." So, why not apply this to your next job interview?
Mood of the Market - August 2013
The mood of the market has lightened since the dark days of 2009. In December of that year, our survey of central Iowa IT professionals showed nearly two-thirds of the market felt their job security was threatened by the existing economic climate. In our most recent survey, 60 percent say the economy is no threat to their job and the majority give a thumbs up to the local IT job market.
Experiencing Iowa Technology
In early November, I found myself leading a busload of college students on a technology tour of central Iowa. It was part of Experience Iowa Technology, a program created by the Technology Association of Iowa that targets college students also studying computer science and MIS-related curriculum.
Tech Salaries, Here and There
When you take the average tech salary in Iowa--$71K--and enter that into a cost of living calculator (at Money.CNN.com), here's the comparable salary--"how far it will go"--in the top 10 cities on the 2014 Dice.com salary survey.
One of the best things about being nominated for a Prometheus Award is the opportunity to make a video about your company. If you are a nominee for this award, the Technology Association of Iowa asks you to create a video about your company without any guidelines other than creating a video in under 30 seconds.
Career Meetup
Jobs, resumes, interviewing and other career-related topics highlighted the September meeting of the Des Moines Web Geeks. Paragon Recruiter Melody Maxted and Business Development Director Mark Craiger joined Ben Lors from John Deere ISG as panelists at the event.
Most Popular Jobs and Skills
Here are a couple of graphs we created to compare the hot IT skills and jobs of today versus yesterday (within the last four years). Dice.com released its "Fastest Growing Tech Skills" list which shows the ten most popular skills found in the job board's postings.

from our clients

"Paragon takes the time to understand our needs and build the relationship, working with us not as a customer but as a true partner."
- CIO, multinational Inc. 500 Company
"I enjoy the relationship I've cultivated with the Paragon employees I work with, they know how to be professional and personable at the same time. They have shown that they listen to what I have to say and follow through with action, always to the best of their ability."
- Multi-year Paragon consultant
"I’ve had a strong relationship with Paragon for over 12 years and in that time, Paragon has demonstrated the ability to deliver strong talent. Several key members of my current staff including my leadership team were originally sourced thru Paragon."
"Paragon’s recruiters really want to know what you need in a resource: skills, abilities, cultural fit. This allows them to place resources into the perfect position! Paragon's ability to find talent for hard to find roles makes them truly outstanding."
- Assistant Director | IT Architecture
"Paragon helped us during a point of crisis and was able to quickly deliver top talent, that we have retained to date."
- Executive Director