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Leverage comprehensive analytics and business intelligence (BI) to take your Business capabilities to the next level.


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In a tight IT labor market with an ever-increasing skills gap, the ability to find, attract, engage, and deliver IT talent quickly is critical to the success of our clients. Whether you are looking for functional business professionals like PM’s and BA’s or technical professionals along the software development life cycle, Paragon can help you succeed. We will find the talent that propels your business strategy forward. The experts at Paragon IT Professionals excel at IT staffing in Des Moines, Iowa City, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Omaha, and Lincoln.

+ Paragon has set the IT staffing bar for 20+ years in the Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota markets.
+ We’re committed to legendary service that exceeds expectations.
+ Our Consultant Relationship Program provides robust communication and engagement between client and consultant.
+ Paragon is relationship focused, beginning with our own team and extends to our clients, partners, consultants, and community.

A Key differentiator that helps paragon stand out from the rest, is our consultant relationship program. Click the Image to Learn more about this key strategic benefit.

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Put innovation to work for you with a supportive platform that helps increase efficiency around on-boarding, skills development and training.

We are proud to offer dedicated services to our customers. Paragon’s OnPoint is a highly focused system to deliver IT resources to our clients. OnPoint starts with a high level of communication to understand front and back office needs, creating advanced efficiency in talent acquisition on a resource delivery platform. This saves our clients time, resources, and money while providing them the best available talent in the market on a shorter timeline.

This dedicated service model requires more commitment from our staff and our clients to be successfully implemented. With an extremely tight labor market and an ever-expanding skills gap in the market today, OnPoint keeps initiatives on track so your company can grow and stay competitive.

Our partners choose dedicated staffing options when they want to augment their own staffing team for specific skill sets - or when they'd like to  completely outsource the recruiting function to a team of dedicated pros.

project based staffing services

Build your global team with our intercontinental partnerships and talent databases.

We’ve partnered with trusted companies on three continents to broaden access to specialized professionals with a wide range of experience and skill sets. Now our clients have the flexibility to scale up and down projects on a time-and-materials or fixed-bid basis.
Paragon’s strategic partners provide us with access to hundreds of additional talented and trusted IT professionals across a wide range of technologies. Our partners provide us on-shore and off-shore talent that helps us scale on a time and material or fixed-bid basis.


Based in San Diego, CA with offices in Argentina, Colombia, and Peru, this partnership provides us with strong Scrum/Agile teams across myriad technologies and works in U.S. customers’ time zones. Their primary technology hubs are web development, integration, mobile, content delivery, and e-commerce. They have a highly talented group of consultants readily available to travel to client sites.


This partner, based in Urbandale, IA, with offices in Chennai, India, has helped us execute time & material and fixed-bid projects since 2006. They provide consistent and highly talented resources and have a long track record of successful and cost-effective project execution.

leveraging dedicated services is an opportunity to leapfrog your competition, drive innovation, and deliver projects ahead of schedule.

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from our clients

"Paragon takes the time to understand our needs and build the relationship, working with us not as a customer but as a true partner."
- CIO, multinational Inc. 500 Company
"I enjoy the relationship I've cultivated with the Paragon employees I work with, they know how to be professional and personable at the same time. They have shown that they listen to what I have to say and follow through with action, always to the best of their ability."
- Multi-year Paragon consultant
"I’ve had a strong relationship with Paragon for over 12 years and in that time, Paragon has demonstrated the ability to deliver strong talent. Several key members of my current staff including my leadership team were originally sourced thru Paragon."
"Paragon’s recruiters really want to know what you need in a resource: skills, abilities, cultural fit. This allows them to place resources into the perfect position! Paragon's ability to find talent for hard to find roles makes them truly outstanding."
- Assistant Director | IT Architecture
"Paragon helped us during a point of crisis and was able to quickly deliver top talent, that we have retained to date."
- Executive Director