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Consultant Relationship Program

Paragon strives to satisfy the needs of customers and build long-term relationships with consultants through trust, transparency and communication. The consultant relationship program helps drive retention and satisfaction, ultimately minimizing costly consultant turnover.  

"I'm so glad I was pursued by Paragon. I've been consulting now for four years and it's the best career decision I've ever made."

Why Paragon?

  • THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITY – Your long-term success with Paragon always begins with the right opportunity.  We work hard to ensure that there’s an excellent match between our customers’ needs, your own goals, and the opportunity available.
  • INTENTIONAL ONBOARDING – The CRP team prides itself on a proven onboarding process that starts your engagement off strong.  We leverage a plan that consists of clear communication and feedback to ensure you have an experience worth bragging about.
  • PERSONAL ATTENTION & ADVOCACY – Throughout your engagement with Paragon, our team stays in contact, including personal visits, and recognizes important milestones in your role.  The CRP team is also your strongest advocate when it comes time to extend a contract or place you in your next rewarding role.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Drawing on our rich 10-year history of professional development through the Paragon IT Leadership Forums, we offer our consultants opportunities to develop skills in technical, operational, and leadership disciplines through live and online events.
  • REWARD PROGRAM – We offer referral bonuses for bringing your qualified colleagues into the Paragon family.  Throughout the year, we host multiple opportunities to network with other consultants.
  • LEADING BENEFITS PACKAGE – Paragon offers consultants the option to be 1099 or W-2.  We pride ourselves on providing a robust benefits package for all of our W-2 team members including healthcare, vision, dental, Flex spending account, life insurance, long-term disability, AFLAC, and a 401K.

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