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Leverage comprehensive analytics and business intelligence (BI) to take your Business capabilities to the next level.


Business Analytics


As an Information Builders re-seller and implementation partner, our comprehensive suite of business intelligence and data management tools are recognized as "best-of-breed" globally. We assist organizations in accelerating the time to value of their existing data solutions and help to integrate, cleanse, master and report off there data in real-time utilizing this comprehensive platform. Our expertise lies within Insurance, Healthcare, Financial and Manufacturing verticals.

I.t. starts with good data

Data Integration Across Platforms & Partners

Combining web, transactional, IoT, and machine generated data is key to seeing the complete picture of your business. Our solutions enable complete integration and harmonization of virtually any internal and B2B partner data sources, driving insights that can set you apart from your competition.

Data Quality & Governance

Quality of data determines quality of insights. Paragon harnesses key data quality and governance tools to simplify data validation, tagging, and rule management. Now your teams can uncover, repair, and monitor data issues which support a single-source-of-truth for any and all  remediation efforts.

Master Data Management

Forming the foundations of your data driven decision making, Master Data Management (MDM) is the practice of cleansing, transforming, integrating, and repairing data to ensure a high-quality master reference point across the enterprise.

The benefits of MDM include:

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quality data transforms into insight

Business Analytics & Intelligence

Utilizing our partner's WEBFocus platform, we can achieve extensive visualization and charting capabilities enabling instant visual discovery from a standard chart. This is an innovative approach to self-service discovery so that any user can conduct data discovery, not just those who have access to a full data discovery tool.

Business users can also leverage a single integrated solution for BI, data modeling, and scoring, so they can make decisions based on accurate, validated future predictions instead of relying on gut instinct or "tribal knowledge" alone. Business analytics democratizes the consolidation and analyzation of enterprise data.  

Users of widely diverse skill sets can:

Access your company’s data in real-time with a visualization and reporting tool, so you can make informed decisions that propel your business forward with ease.  Contact Paragon for a complimentary Business Intelligence consultation.
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from our clients

"Paragon takes the time to understand our needs and build the relationship, working with us not as a customer but as a true partner."
- CIO, multinational Inc. 500 Company
"I enjoy the relationship I've cultivated with the Paragon employees I work with, they know how to be professional and personable at the same time. They have shown that they listen to what I have to say and follow through with action, always to the best of their ability."
- Multi-year Paragon consultant
"I’ve had a strong relationship with Paragon for over 12 years and in that time, Paragon has demonstrated the ability to deliver strong talent. Several key members of my current staff including my leadership team were originally sourced thru Paragon."
"Paragon’s recruiters really want to know what you need in a resource: skills, abilities, cultural fit. This allows them to place resources into the perfect position! Paragon's ability to find talent for hard to find roles makes them truly outstanding."
- Assistant Director | IT Architecture
"Paragon helped us during a point of crisis and was able to quickly deliver top talent, that we have retained to date."
- Executive Director