2019 Job Force Offers Many Opportunities to New Grads

It’s graduation season! As we welcome a fresh crop of talent to the job force, Glassdoor has published a new study for 2019 that reinforces the health and viability of the tech industry. Whether graduates have a technical or STEM-focused degree or a non-technical degree (hey, Liberal Arts!), there are abounding opportunities in big tech and industry leading corporations. This is also a great indicator of how the job market is performing on a local and regional level — there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious graduates. We have a specific article that highlights 5 Tips for Recent IT Graduates that could be of assistance to anyone in the IT world.

“Tech roles and tech companies are most represented among the highest paying entry level and internship spots,”said Amanda Stansell at Glassdoor. “However, we’ve seen in previous research that tech companies are hiring for both non-tech and technical roles. Conversely, tech roles such as data scientist and software engineer can be found at non-tech companies as well. This is great news for job seekers who are excited to work at tech companies and also for those who want to align their technical skills with passions that lie outside of big tech.”

Internships and entry level jobs are included in the Glassdoor data, showing that the highest performing job titles are Data Scientist, Software Engineer, and Product Manager (ranked first through third, respectively). Glassdoor also emphasizes that in addition to pay, the following three factors significantly impact long-term job satisfaction: culture and values, career opportunities, and trust in senior leadership.

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