5 Tips for Recent Graduates in the World of IT

Entering The World Of IT

Graduating college is an exciting time. However, finding a job can be stressful. The good news about the IT industry is that there are many opportunities available due to our technology-driven society.  If you are a recent graduate in the IT world, it is important to make yourself stand out in order to land your first job. Paragon has put together a list of five tips for recent graduates to stand out and land a job in the IT industry.

1. Know What Your Strengths Are

Knowing what you are good at is a great way to carve out a niche for yourself. With the IT industry becoming more and more specialized, this is an easy way to make yourself stand out and be more successful. Do you like coding? Or web design? How about network/system development? Knowing this can lead to more opportunities because you can offer certain skills to your future employer.

2. Do Your Research

The more you are familiar with a future employer, the better for you. This can be helpful in choosing what type of company you would like to work at in the future. Companies like to see that you have done your research and stayed on top of their recent work. It will also make you feel more confident when you go into your interview. You can also attend networking events, talk with professors, or others in the industry to keep up to date on the latest IT news.

3. Create A Portfolio

Showcasing your work is a great way to show employers what you have done, and what you can do. It gives the interviewer the opportunity to get to know you better and see what you are interested in. GitHub, Quora, or Stack Overfloware great industry-specific tools to use in order to do so. A LinkedIn account is also another great resource for employers to get to know you.

4.  Tailor Your Resume

Creating a resume that is in-line with the company and job position you are applying for is essential for recent graduates. You can include relative job experience, or even school projects. By giving more specific details, it will allow you to stand out from the more generic resumes. Describe the experiences you have had, the skills you applied, the technology you've worked on, and finally the results you received.

5.  Explore An IT Staffing Company

Paragon is a great resource for helping recent grads in the IT industry find a job. We make sure to find the right candidate for the right company. In a competitive IT labor market with an ever-increasing skills gap, the ability to find, attract, engage, and deliver IT talent quickly is critical. A staffing company is a great resource for recent graduates to help find the right job you are looking for.

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