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Experience Iowa Technology 2014
Iowa college students who are interested in pursuing a career in technology can get a look at their potential employer when they sign up for Experience Iowa Technology. It's a three-year-old program sponsored by the Technology Association of Iowa that our President, Craig Jackman, helps organize.
A Degree In IT
There have been a few initiatives launched in central Iowa in recent weeks that call attention to the demand for Information Technology professionals (and other STEM-related professions).
IT Salaries Increase And The Troops Are Restless
Rather than lose out on good talent, IT recruiters and hiring managers need to work together to benchmark sought-after skills. The greatest chance of getting top candidates to accept an offer will come from competitive compensation packages that push the limits of established salary ranges and offer additional motivators to keep them happy.
Careers: Lights, Camera, Action
We're in a cycle of heavy demand for IT talent. Scan the headlines and you'll see companies and also organizations working hard to attract and retain talent.
Mental Performance
The college football season kicks off in earnest this Saturday. Scan the sidelines at Jack Trice Stadium and you'll spot Marty Martinez standing near the kickers. He works with them and many Cyclone athletes in his role as a sports psychologist.
The 5 Most Common Interview Mistakes
Avoiding the most common interview mistakes puts you in position to get the job.
Advantages of a Dedicated Partnership
When your company needs to fill an IT role, whether temporary or permanent, you have good reasons to work with a staffing partner. The IT field changes from moment to moment and your needs evolve constantly. Finding the right fit for your company in the midst of all this change represents a significant challenge.

from our clients

"Paragon takes the time to understand our needs and build the relationship, working with us not as a customer but as a true partner."
- CIO, multinational Inc. 500 Company
"I enjoy the relationship I've cultivated with the Paragon employees I work with, they know how to be professional and personable at the same time. They have shown that they listen to what I have to say and follow through with action, always to the best of their ability."
- Multi-year Paragon consultant
"I’ve had a strong relationship with Paragon for over 12 years and in that time, Paragon has demonstrated the ability to deliver strong talent. Several key members of my current staff including my leadership team were originally sourced thru Paragon."
"Paragon’s recruiters really want to know what you need in a resource: skills, abilities, cultural fit. This allows them to place resources into the perfect position! Paragon's ability to find talent for hard to find roles makes them truly outstanding."
- Assistant Director | IT Architecture
"Paragon helped us during a point of crisis and was able to quickly deliver top talent, that we have retained to date."
- Executive Director