Tech Hiring Continues to Trend Up in March

Published: March 2021

As we highlighted in February, tech was one of the first industries to see an uptick in hiring in 2021, and if March is any indication of what’s to come, hiring leaders better prepare for one of the most competitive environments for talent we’ve seen in years.

Paragon, who primarily serves companies in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa and, most recently, Arizona, has experienced a record-breaking amount of job requisitions in March.

“In January and February we saw a gradual increase in open roles,” said Craig Jackman, president and co-founder of Paragon IT Professionals. “And then March exploded – especially with contract and contract-to-hire positions.”

As outlined by CompTIA, there are two clear areas where IT pros see the need for additional investment: hiring more staff and investing in more innovation.  

“We’re seeing a slight shift in the type of roles our clients are needing,” said Jackman. “While in 2020 there seemed to be greater emphasis on technical positions, we are seeing a slight resurgence in functional roles – especially as it relates to business and data analytics.”

While functional roles are increasing, Paragon continues to experience a high demand for cloud computing skills related to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and Microsoft Azure.

With many businesses forced to offer remote-work over the past year, companies have started to see a shift in the type of talent they’re able to attract – and in reverse, the type of talent they're losing to employers located in other states.

Leaders participating in the Minnesota Tech Association’s Tech Talent event in early March expressed concern in a shift they’ve seen since Covid, sharing that Minnesota is losing great talent to out-of-state companies offering higher wages.

“The landscape is shifting, and the companies willing to be flexible with where their employees reside will ultimately win the best talent,” said Jackman. “We’re really seeing a difference from employer to employer – some will continue to allow remote workers temporarily; others want workers back on site now or in the very near future; and others who were never open to remote work have done a complete 360 and are allowing it long term.”

Each company is unique with its own set of circumstances, and the best strategy is often to be flexible. Your talent acquisition partner can help share what the landscape is like for the skillset you’re seeking. Meaning a company like Paragon can tell you how many qualified individuals are available locally, how many are within a few hours’ drive and how many are available across the U.S.

One thing is certain – there has never been more demand for technical skills and those of you who are willing to be flexible and quickly make decisions on candidates will fare far better than those who don’t.

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