Paragon Welcomes Tamra Heinsch

Tamra Heinsch, Recruiting Specialist

Paragon is excited to welcome Tamra Heinsch as a Senior Recruiting Specialist to the team!

With continued success in our Minnesota market, Tamra has joined the team to assist with hiring and engaging top-tech talent.

1. Born and raised in a small, southern Minnesota town called Albert Lea (pretty much IA).

2. Graduated from the University of Wisconsin River Falls in Business Administration and a minor in Finance.

3. Vikings fan all the way-even during my college years in WI - they tried to convert me but I would never convert over to their side.

4. Both of my parents are now retired and still living in Albert Lea.

5. I have one older sibling (brother) living in my grandparent's former house in the Minneapolis metro area.

6. Was a co-captain of our high school girls tennis team my senior year.

7. I love music. I played the flute back in my junior high days, and I love going to concerts and hearing my kids play music.

8. I met the love of my life (Charlie) after his annual birthday/hot tub party and that night he was telling people, "he was going to marry this girl."

9. Our first born was a Shih-Tzu named Rascal (he passed away two years ago) and will always hold a special place in our heart. The kids have been on us to get another dog.

10. We have two kids, Isabella is 15 and a freshman in high school, and Carter is 10 and in 5th grade.

11. We have a cat named Ruby who is four years old. She is Bella's baby (she always wanted a cat and her dad finally said yes) and LOVES to eat. 

12. I love going to my kids' sports games. Bella plays soccer and made varsity this year, she also plays for a traveling team. Carter finished up his second year in tackle football (he earned the name C-Train on his team) and is trying wrestling for the 1st time.

13. I love to travel, to explore new places and see the world. Every year, my husband and I try to go somewhere new where neither one of us have been for our anniversary. Traveling is truly a happy place for me.

14. Charlie and I have been married for 16 years, and yes, still married after Covid, distance learning, and a home remodel-all at the same time.

15. I started running after Carter was born and completed my first half marathon in October 2019.

16. We live in a small town called Chisago City, on one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota. We have a brewery and a vineyard less than a mile from our house.

17. Enjoy going out to breweries and vineyards.

18. I enjoy mornings when nobody else is up in my house and that first cup of coffee - I do love a good cup of coffee.

19. I enjoy spending time on the lake with my family through all of the seasons - fishing, swimming, tubing, and even in winter snowshoeing and our annual curling event with our neighbors.

20. Love spending time hanging out with our neighbors. We truly have an amazing neighborhood and hold many gatherings together from our annual yard games (each house has a yard game to play, a signature drink, and an appetizer) to our annual rib fest, and of course an annual brew fest as our neighbor is a well-known brewer.

21. My husband and I love to go on cruises, we've been on seven so far and can't wait for our next one, which is TBD!

22. We do an annual family reunion in Bayfield, WI, every year in August. My Grandpa has a blueberry farm there, and last year we took the kids out fishing on Lake Superior.

23. My favorite season is spring with fall as a close second.

24. I do enjoy shopping!

25. I used to make my kids' birthday cakes when they were younger (and cake pops too) - Nailed It, here I come!

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