The Demand for Tech Talent Leads Industry Veteran to Select Arizona

With Phoenix being referenced as “the tech capital of the Southwest” companies have been flocking to the area over the past five years. But like most cities across the country, the demand for tech talent far exceeds supply – even during a pandemic.

As reported in early February, IT hiring saw little impact in 2020 and, according to TechServe Alliance, within the next few months the industry is on pace to regain all of last year’s lost IT jobs.

What’s this mean for the GreaterPhoenix Area?

Well, it means that veteran staffing partners like, Paragon IT Professionals (Paragon), can help companies struggling to find qualified candidates. As an expert in tech talent, Paragon has spent the past 24 years focused on helping companies quickly attract hard-to-find talent.

“Arizona was attractive to us for a number of reasons,” said Craig Jackman, co-founder and president of Paragon IT Professionals.

“It’s a bleeding-edge technology state with a business-friendly governor, home to universities with strong innovation and computer science programs, and its people share many of the same values as midwesterns.”

Jackman, who is on the board of directors for the Technology Association of Iowa, looks forward to getting involved with the Arizona Tech Council and collaborating to help bridge the skills gap.

“Our goal is to help make a measurable impact on the skills shortage in the area while integrating ourselves into the tech community,” said Jackman.

“While I will share time between Phoenix and Des Moines, my hope is to build a team down here.”

Interested in connecting with Craig? Connect on LinkedIn or email cjackman@paragonitpros.com.

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