Five Steps to Improve Your Hiring Processes

Whether it’s your internal process with HR, or your external process with your staffing partner, communication and efficiency are key to winning talent.

Finding the right candidate is tough enough these days, so it’s critical that when you do, you’re prepared to move quickly. While there’s no foolproof method, following a few key steps at the start of the process will ensure greater success for all involved.

Step 1: Details, Details, Details

While it might go without saying that recruiters and hiring managers need to be on the same page at the onset of the hiring process, both sides should come to the table prepared to candidly discuss expectations and agree to a timeline for scheduling interviews and providing timely feedback.  

> Project Description: This may seem simple and can be easier to outline for a full-time position, but when it comes to project descriptions for contract or contingent workers the more details the better. Knowing specifics about the project and why it's important can help staffing teams better source candidates with similar experiences (plus, it helps sell the position to potential candidates).

> Responsibilities: Again, details matter. A complete look at what the person will be responsible for should be detailed. Ideally, having a percentage breakdown of the time the individual should plan to work on each responsibility on any given day.

Step 2: Know the Non-Negotiables

Both sides will have must-haves or items that aren’t up for negotiation. Think through the “what ifs.”  For example, if the intention is that the person will be onsite, are you willing to budge if you find the ideal candidate who wants to work remotely? Do time zones need to be taken into account? If the company has an 8 a.m. standing meeting and the candidate is two or three hours behind, are they expected to be in that meeting? Setting clear expectations during the interview process will lead to a smoother onboarding and help with retention.  

Step 3: Budget

When was the last time your organization took a look at pay ranges and rates — especially for contractors? Thanks in part to the ongoing Great Resignation, pay rates have increased considerably. If six months ago was the last time you revisited your rates, you’re likely coming in lower than your competition. Your staffing partners can help with this. They work with a number of companies and can give you a range for what they’re seeing in the market (and for what the talent is demanding!).

Step 4: Interview Process

Clarity around the interview process can mean the difference between winning and losing a candidate. It’s crystal-clear expectations for all involved – the candidate, the recruiter or staffing partner, and the hiring manager. How quickly are you willing to give feedback? The candidate not only expects immediate feedback, but it will help the recruiter better understand if they are on the right track or what else they need to be looking for during screening. And remember, it’s time to lose the four-step interview process. One interview is likely enough for contractors, and two interviews should be enough for nearly all full-time positions. Agreeing on these next steps will save time and confusion once the process has started.

Giving and receiving feedback is a must and it should happen immediately.

Step 5: Timeline

Hand-in-hand with the interview process is the timeline to hire. How long are you willing to wait until the role is filled? How many people are you wanting to interview? Finalize your timeline and stick to it. Good candidates want to know when they’ll hear from you. The right candidate might wait, but they’re likely entertaining other conversations while they wait.

In 2022, communication and speed are the name of the game.

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