Benefits of Leveraging an IT Staffing & Recruiting Firm

With the lowest unemployment rate since 1969, finding and hiring top talent -especially within the information technology (IT) field - is difficult to do.

Many organizations have internal recruiters within their human resource departments, but when it comes to finding IT talent the complexities around technology and the need to move quickly make good arguments for hiring an IT staffing firm. Leveraging a firm that focuses solely on IT helps with conversations around JUnit annotations, Selenium, Angular and sharding data in MongoDB (just to name a few examples) and provides access to a pool of qualified candidates, enabling the employer to quickly interview and hire.

Advantages for Clients/Employers:

  • Access to Qualified Candidates: More often than not, IT staffing firms have immediate access to proven and qualified candidates which helps expedite the process, ultimately saving the employer time and resources.
  • Speed to Market: A good partner can help streamline the interview, hiring, and onboarding processes, ultimately improving an organization's time to fill.
  • Immigration and H- B Candidates: With the unemployment rate for technology professionals at 1.3%, working with a partner who understands the complexities of work visas and hiring H-1B consultants is critical. The H-1B program provides employers access to a vast number of highly educated workers with some of the most in-demand skillsets. Look for a partner who can help you navigate the process to ensure a successful placement.

Advantages for Consultants/Candidates:

  • Speed to Market: IT staffing firms typically have relationships with a diverse set of companies in varying vertical markets. For a company like Paragon, who has been around for 22 years, the experience and number of clients crossing verticals is robust.
  • Professional Development: Elite recruiting firms offer professional development opportunities for their consultants. In addition to developing technical skills, Paragon offers opportunities to improve soft skills, like collaboration, communication and leadership.
  • Multiple Interviews: IT positions are some of the most in-demand in the country, giving consultants the opportunity to be selective. It can be rewarding to interview with multiple organizations to get a feel for the potential fit on a team or project
  • Flexible Accounting Options: Many recruiting firms have flexible arrangements on how wages can be processed. W2, 1099,Corp to Corp and salaried are often all options.

Many IT staffing firms offer similar services. It's important for employers and candidates to understand an agency's core values and approach to placing talent. Is the staffing firm working solely for a profit? What's the commitment level of the staffing agency to build and maintain relationships? At Paragon, the commitment to exceptional service extends to consultants as well as clients. For the past four years, Paragon has had a director of Consultant Relationships which has proven to increase retention and satisfaction, ultimately minimizing costly consultant turnover for clients.

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