5 Tips That Will Get Your Resume Noticed

As a job applicant, your hardest job is getting in front of a company .According to a recent Workopolis study, only 2% of applicants for a job get an interview. Those chances increase when working with a specialized staffing company. With this in mind, you need to develop your resume in order to standout from the pack and have a chance to land that interview, much less earn the position you desire.

1. Tailor to the Job at Hand
When you respond to a job posting, you should mirror the language of the posting itself. Identify the key qualifications you need, and make sure you reflect the language the posting used within your resume. Whether a computer program or a person is reviewing your resume, this will help you jump to the front of the line.

2. Focus on Work
Your hobbies and special interests might be exciting, but unless they relate to the position to which you are applying, you should save them for the interview. The hiring coordinator will read hundreds of resumes for a given position; focus on what matters most to him or her.

3. Focus on Relevant Experience
If you are applying for a role in an IT department, your experience as a grocery clerk during college probably does not matter. Include your relevant roles, experience, and qualifications in your resume, and leave the rest off.

4. Include Your Relevant Skills
A section devoted to your skills that directly apply to the position allows the company to get a glimpse at what you can do for them. This might include certifications, technical proficiency, or anything else. If the job posting specifies programs you can use, be sure to highlight that.

5. Accomplishments Over Time
You matter as a person, but to the hiring company, what you can do for them matters more. If you achieved something that relates directly to this job, include that--with verifiable data to demonstrate it.

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