Dice Releases Highly Anticipated 2020 Tech Job Report

Report shows enthusiasm around roles that can further companies’ digital futures with platform technologies, containerization and data science.

Early indicators show 2020 to be an exciting, fast paced year for IT industry workers. Boosted by strong economics and digital transformation initiatives across sectors, companies are scrambling to fill Software Developer roles and other in-demand skills.

Dice recently released its new “Dice Tech Job Report” — working in tandem with data firm, Burning Glass Technologies, to aggregate information around tech’s fastest growing skills, occupations and hubs, as well as collecting the most relevant trends-data from across the United States in 2018 and 2019. The report offers a positive outlook for job candidates, because of an increased competition among businesses looking to hire, especially with the continued emergence of data-oriented occupations and skill sets. Take a look at this post with the most In-Demand Skills for job candidates.

Other Key findings from the "Dice Tech Job Report":

  • Top three tech occupations: (1) Software Developer (making up 12% of all tech job openings listed in the past year); (2) Network Engineer; and (3) Systems Engineer. The average time to fill a Software Developer position is 39 days, which suggests strong competition among employers looking for top talent.
  • The fastest growing tech occupation is: Data Engineer. The top skills for this role include Python, SQL, Big Data, Apache Hadoop, and ETL.
  • Other in-demand roles include: Back End Developer, CRM Developer, and User Interface (UI) Developer.
  • The most in-demand tech skills: Java, Front End Skills (specifically Angular and React), Scrum Master, Business Analysts, Python Developer, and Automated QA specific to Selenium.
  • DevOps has risen four places in Dice’s rankings, with a 39.3% projected increase, because of its integral role in managing the development life cycle.
  • Kubernetes — an open source platform that automates the management and deployment of containers — captivates the “Fastest Growing Tech Skills” segment. Docker Software, Data Science, Machine Learning, and NOSQL all play pivotal roles as well.

The Dice report emphasizes that data storage and analysis have continued to grow in industry prevalence over the past decade, due in large part to the rise in cloud technology, declining storage costs, and an increase in sophisticated analytics platforms.

The findings of this report accurately reflect many of the trends our own talent recruitment and placement team have tracked over the year. In the past four to five months, Paragon recruiters have found an overwhelming influx of Software Developer roles specific to Python, .NET, and Java. The role of “Systems Engineer” — mentioned as one of the top three tech occupations — has bled into the DevOps space, which is in high demand specifically for people with a strong cloud background (e.g., Azure, AWS, etc.). We are seeing these roles move quickly, especially when listed as contract as clients know that good talent is going quickly.

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