2019 Top Programming Language Trends

Programming languages are the currency of a world driven by innovation. For the past three decades, developers, programmers, systems architects and data scientists have been mastering the intricacies of the language to build digital empires and help usher in new technologies and user experiences

According to a recent report by Hacker Noon, the top eight programming languages and frameworks include (1) Javascript, (2) Python, (3) Java, (4) PHP, (5) SQL, (6) Ruby, (7) C/C++, (8) Swift. To show the pervasive and overwhelming need from tried-and-true and new, Hacker Noon runs down the pro’s of each language.

A quick summary:

  • The top five metrics used to evaluate developer performance are the following: Completed Tasks, Working Software, Code Readibility, Number of Bugs, and Speed.
  • Over 50% of surveyed companies have outsourced software development fully or partly.
  • Javascript is far and away the most pervasive developing language, over doubling the amount of developers than any other language in the market.
  • Javascript has been the “cornerstone” of web development, along with HTML and CSS, since its introduction in 1995.
  • Python is experiencing a resurgence as data science innovation makes leaps and bounds, particularly in the areas of AI, Data Science and machine learning.
  • Swift – the programming language introduced by Apple in 2014 as the best and preferred language of iOS app development – comes in at the eighth position and is experiencing explosive growth due to the 2.2 million+ iOS apps that are currently available.

Click here to read the full article here by Hacker Noon.

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