Paragon Welcomes Heidi Bedier

Heidi Bedier, Director of Leadership Development

Meet Heidi Bedier, Director of Leadership Development.

"Successful programs start with equipping leaders and culture champions to leverage their unique talents and strengths." Heidi's holistic approach with aligning business strategy to people, processes and systems paves the way for building positive, sustainable change.

At Paragon, Heidi will be leading a new service line focused on leadership development, and will enhance the existing Information Technology Leadership Forum forward. The comprehensive leadership program is designed to give leaders in tech a competitive edge in future-proofing their leadership skills, behaviors and practices.

Heidi holds a Master of Science in Adult Learning, Performance and Development and is currently a PhD candidate pursuing her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership. She is a graduate of the Brain-Base Coaching Program with the NeuroLeadership Institute and is a Ritz Carlton Service Excellence Culture Program Participant!  

Get to Know Heidi: 

1. Born and raised? Born in Iowa City, Iowa and Raised in Elkader, Iowa

2. Favorite sports team? Iowa State and Iowa. Yes, I'm a fan of both, but when they play against each other, I cheer for Iowa State

3. Undergraduate and major: Exercise and Sport Science at Iowa State University

4. Favorite book? ·Any books by Karen Kingsbury, Colleen Hoover, Kristin Hannah

5. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up Psychologist or Fashion Designer    

6. Any siblings: Three siblings - Shawn, Holly and Rachel

7.  Activities or clubs you were in growing up: Girl Scouts, Youth Group, Band (Clarinet), Girls Basketball, and Volleyball

8. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Arizona    

9. Favorite quote/motto: "People need loving the most when they deserve it the least." – John Harrigan

10. Favorite musician or band? Lauren Daigle and Kasey Musgraves 

11. Passions: Learning in any form and acts of service

12. What do you like to do in your free time? Craft, create, explore and experience

13. Have you ever met anyone famous, a story to tell? I got to meet and take a photo with Shawn Johnson at a Health and Wellness event hosted by Hy-Vee

14. Idols/those you looked up (or look up) to? My dad – Dr. John Gouldin, Mentor and friend – Kathie Sommerfeld. Public figure – Kaja Kalles, Prime Minister of Estonia (“In order to have peace, you must prepare for war”)  

15. Any pets? A step-dog, Nova, she's a chocolate lab        

16.  Favorite place to travel? I loved my trip to Vicenza, Italy to visit my sister, Holly when she was stationed there while in the Army          

17.  Proudest accomplishments: Watching those I love celebrate their successes and achievements            

18. Favorite movie: Dead Poets Society

19. New hobbies? I really would like to learn to play the violin

21.  Favorite tv show: Wheel of Fortune

21.  How would your closest friends describe you? Kind and giving

22. What game show do you think you could win? Pyramid

23. What is your favorite board game? Clue

24.  Sweet or savory? Savory

25. What’s on your bucket list? Each decade I set new goals for myself and reevaluate what I want to do, to experience, or to accomplish before I ‘kick the bucket': In my 20's I participated in Team in Training to run a marathon and fundraise for cancer research; 30's - earned my Master's degree, 40's working toward earning my PhD, 50's -become an author and public speaker

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