Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change

Over the past few months many businesses have had to furlough and lay off employees, leaving managers exhausted and overwhelmed.

For many managers this pandemic has been their first experience with major disruption and change, and it’s up to their leaders to help them get through it. How a brand - both the company and its leaders - treat their own during difficult times can be the difference between a quick recovery or years of hardship.  

Every company is unique and there isn’t a one-size-fits all solution as to how an organization should downsize, but there are steps that can be taken to help ensure reputations remain intact and brand advocacy continues.  

Have a plan – not just around pay and benefits, but around communication and how to help employees find future employment. The responsibility doesn’t solely fall on the organization and top execs, it also falls on the individual leaders.

Here are just a few best practices for off-boarding an employee:

  • Provide an employee assistance program (EAP) or similar option to help those who may be struggling mentally or emotionally
  • Offer guidance as to how to file for unemployment and the options that may exist – offer an expert to help employees navigate the unknown
  • Use your own resources to help them find new employment - promote them on LinkedIn, reach out to your network, connect them with a staffing agency, etc.  
  • Be transparent
  • Be genuine - it's okay to prepare what you want to say but don’t be scripted
  • Offer resources that position the employee well for their next role – resume guidance, letters of recommendation, networking tips, etc.

Good managers – the ones who care – will go to great lengths to help their employees. And those with a vision of carrying a leadership role, will use what they’ve learned to become better by building a personal leadership brand.

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