Defining Your Leadership Brand

Defining Your Leadership Brand

How would you like to be the leader that everyone wants to work for?

Since 2010, Paragon has delivered a peer-learning model called the IT Leadership Forum.  The Forum is designed to enhance the leadership skills of select Information Technology leaders while strengthening their organizations’ leadership cultures ultimately leading to improved attraction, engagement and retention of their best employees.  

A question regularly asked of participants is to describe the traits of an “ideal” leader.  Honest, caring, inspirational, transparent, confident, humble, passionate, empowering, great listener, servant leader, good communicator, visionary and decisive are just some of the traits typically shared.  

Identifying the traits of a great leader is not difficult.  Yet, many leaders haven’t spent the time to define and communicate their personal leadership brand nor have they evaluated it against what others perceive it to be.

A personal leadership brand conveys the identity and values of a leader. A strong personal leadership brand allows all that is (or can be) powerful and effective about a leader to become known to, enabling maximum value.

Imagine how an organization could be elevated if all of its leaders developed a personal leadership brand and communicated it to their employees and colleagues. There would be clarity around the leaders’ values and expectations, defining a path toward future success - not only for the leader but for their employees.

Let’s begin.

Think about how you want to be defined as a leader, not only today but over the lifetime of your career.

  • Identify a small handful of traits you want to emulate.
  • Take the traits and craft a leadership statement. Make sure the statement creates value – for you as a leader and for others around you.
  • Communicate your leadership brand and keep it top of mind.

I have my personal leadership brand, expectations and core values written on 5”x8”cards that are tucked into a notebook I use daily.  I follow a morning ritual where I review my plan and priorities for the day, including what’s written on those notecards.

It’s not enough to develop a leadership brand, you must communicate it.

Put on your “sales hat” and communicate your promises, not only to your teams but more importantly to your customers.  By communicating and consistently following up on your brand promise, your confidence will increase and your opportunities will follow.  

Paragon’s IT Leadership Forum is available in Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa. If you’reinterested in participating in 2021, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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