How To Nail a Technical Screen

Mirza Muhamedagic, Recruiting Specialist

How To Nail a Technical Screen

Author: Mirza Muhamedagic

We all want to succeed in the final interview, and your initial technical screen can help you do just that! As they say, practice makes perfect. 

When a recruiter gives you a call, they will want to first gauge your skill level against the job description. Professional recruiters will want to do this through a video call. (Yes, fake candidates are a real thing and this helps.) 

To be frank, not everyone wants to take a video call from a recruiter. It is a revealing conversation where you talk about yourself (a lot), what you know, what you don’t know and what you wish to know. 

A Few More Things to Know: 

  • Lighting matters. In this day, good lighting can help show your personality and enthusiasm for the job. Plus, it also lends credibility to your professionalism.
  • “Hello, can you hear me?” You do not want to lose anything in translation, so make sure your internet connection is strong and test your sound beforehand. When responding, keep it simple, but impactful!  
  • Know the job, have the experience, and explain your story. Always tell your truth - what you’ve done and how it impacted the project or business.  

Recruiters want to understand your current role and what you are looking for in the future. Sharing your short-term and long-term goals will not only help with the opportunity at hand but may help you land that dream job.

Change happens. Be sure to explain it. 

Some change jobs due to need, others because of relocation, there are many reasons…just make sure the reasons add up and that you can comfortably discuss them.  

Yes is gold, no is no, maybe is poison! 

Decisions are hard, but being honest will keep relationships high. Always be honest with those that help you. A “no” is easier to swallow than a “maybe”.

To Summarize:

  • Have good lighting - You want to look your best 
  • Make sure your audio is working - You want to be heard 
  • Know your resume - Be simple and direct, there is only so much time to explain your worth 
  • Why are you looking? We all want better, what is your better?
  • How do you decide? It’s a fast market, what do you want and need? Honesty will get you far

By following these simple steps, you can make a good first impression with a recruiter. This will allow the recruiter to represent you in the best possible light. At the end of the day you are a team and having a strong relationship because of a successful video call will help greatly in the long run.


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