Key Insights from Staffing Industry Analysts' National Executive Forum

Earlier this month, members of the Paragon leadership team attended Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) National Executive Forum where they spent three days hearing insights from industry leaders across staffing sectors. Here's some of what they heard:  


  • Healthcare and IT staffing will continue to have strong demand through 2028.
  • Since covid, there’s been an increase in traditional workers moving to consulting as it allows for more control and flexibility. The panel projected this trend to continue as people want to do work they enjoy.  
  • Independent contractor work (1099s) increased 60% since 2020.
  • SIA is projecting a 7% increase in contingent workers in the next 10 years.
  • Due to the lack of qualified technical talent, companies are holding on to underperforming employees or what they referenced as ‘labor hoarding.’
  • 61% of temporary workers rate remote work highly valuable.
  • In 2022, 71% of employers increased pay in response to labor shortage.
  • Upskilling is becoming one of the best ways to retain talent and candidates are craving it.
  • Remote work remains in high demand.
50% of job applications on LinkedIn are for remote work, but remote work only accounts for 15% of open jobs on the platform


  • Psychological safety is the #1 driver of high performing teams – “I found my people.”
  • 70% of people are not engaged in their work.
  • People want to do work they’re good at and that they love.
  • Covid caused people to reflect on their values, and 88% of those surveyed have a new definition of what success means to them.
  • Be disciplined around hiring.
  • Understanding what your employees value can help you better lead – how does the work they’re doing fit into their values? Values determine actions.
  • A ‘sense of belonging’ is at or near the top of most people’s values.

Favorite One-Liners:

  • If you’re really growing, you’re always underqualified for your job.
  • You can’t be a mediocre human and compete.
  • If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing.
  • What you value determines what you do.

To see the complete line up of topics and speakers, please visit Staffing Industry Analyst.  


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