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Empowering IT Leaders

In collaboration with Renzo Experience, Paragon is offering a unique opportunity for IT leaders in Minnesota to learn from one another through shared experiences in a professionally facilitated setting.

The Forum is designed to help sharpen communication skills, provide enhanced leadership strategies and develop skills to improve attraction, engagement and retention of top performing employees.

Your Commitment:

  • 2.5 hours one time per month for 9 months (January - September)
  • Willingness to bring challenges and share experiences among peers


  • Sessions will be held virtually with the option of participating in three (3) in-person networking events throughout the year

Who Participates?

Why Participate

  • Foundational leadership
  • Build relationships through shared experiences
  • Transformative leadership development
  • Facilitated discussions around existing challenges and potential resolutions
  • Network with other IT leaders outside of your normal circle
  • Programmed content: Creating and Building the Right Teams, Establishing Rules of Engagement, Conflict Resolution, Creating Clarity and Alignment at All Levels, Managing Through Change, Being a Positive Disruption that Creates Growth,
    Level 10 Leadership, The Power of Feedback, Understanding Communication Styles

Nationally Recognized Facilitator

Adam Carroll

Adam Carroll is an author, emcee and a two-time TED talk speaker. His favorite audiences are those with a passion for inspirational leadership. He regularly speaks about building a bigger life for yourself and your employees by providing exemplary service, educational opportunities, and an environment that fosters personal and professional growth. Audiences typically leave Adam’s events talking about how inspired they are to take action and leverage some of the strategies he shares to look at life’s challenges differently.

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 ITLF member, Adam Johnson, shares his Forum experience.

 ITLF member, Karla Hillier, shares her Forum experience.

 ITLF member, Tim Eiler, shares his Forum experience.

 ITLF member, Bob Martin, shares his Forum experience.


"The IT Leadership Forum hosted by Paragon IT professionals is one of the best and most useful collaborations that I have participated in. The speakers and topics that are discussed with other professionals in the field is something that very helpful for day-to-day operations to helping ideate strategic plans. I have found the framework that Paragon has established encourages open and honest conversation that helps leaders grow by challenging preconceived ideology in a safe environment that encourages vulnerability and courage."


"My experience with the Paragon leadership program has been fantastic.  Joel does an amazing job bringing together a diverse group of IT leaders for the program and it creates a rich environment for learning and sharing from each other's experiences.  Tom and Joel do a great job weaving in their own experience and knowledge along with relevant and impactful outside speakers.  I would definitely recommend this experience for both aspiring and seasoned IT leaders alike."


"The Paragon IT Leadership Forum provides members with the unique opportunity to meet several times a year to collaborate and share thoughts, ideas, best practices. The forum has given me time away from day-to-day business activities enabling me to dedicate time to grow personally and professionally. The immersion with thought leaders, both presenters and participants, have sparked fresh ideas and an opportunity to calibrate some aspects of my work so that I can be more effective and successful.



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