Paragon Celebrates 24 Years!

This past weekend, Paragon celebrated another fabulous trip around the sun and 24 years in business.

The last 12+ months have certainly been challenging for most people on the planet – pushing many of us out of our comfort zones. These recent times have revealed a lot about ourselves and others, particularly how we behave in unchartered waters and under stress. The good news is we have had a chance to grow through these challenges and see life through a new, unknown and uncertain lens. I’m a big fan of change; however, I seldom push myself this far without a significant event forcing my hand.

Paragon has done a remarkable job adapting, adjusting and growing on the fly. We have experienced unprecedented, double-digit growth and key milestones that we all can be proud of! We “went remote,” left an office space we have been in for 24 years, moved into a fantastic new space, saw growth in Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa, and started developing new business in Arizona.

We have come together as a team, supported each other through this pandemic and economic uncertainty, added a few new faces to the Paragon team, and have finally moved back to some familiar territory. A flex workforce will continue to be the norm going forward, and our team is happier and healthier than ever before. It is awesome to see our team members thriving, improving, and working toward a bigger and better company.

Our goals and aspirations for the next five years are bigger and more complex than ever before. We could not be more proud of our team at Paragon! We’re making significant strides forward while continuing to be a leader in an incredibly competitive industry with an ever-tightening labor market.

We want to give a “standing ovation” to our dedicated staff and our consultants that represent Paragon so well at our customer sites. And to our customers who have believed in and trusted Paragon to support their IT staffing needs - we thank you. 

Happy 24th Anniversary Paragon! 

Cheers to the future!

Craig and Joel Jackman

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