Being Our Best in the Toughest of Times

Being Our Best in the Toughest of Times

We are all more than a little rocked by the chaos of the last few months. There is financial insecurity, stress and uncertainty all around us. And while we are all impacted differently, we are connected by a pandemic that’s caused us to change our lives like never before.  

For many, Zoom (or the like) has become a way of life – professionally and personally. We have all had to make adjustments – some more difficult than others – from a loss of income, to sickness, to loneliness, to the opposite of too much togetherness, we are collectively trying to find our way.

Will we be scared to death or scared to life?

The question is are we going to be scared to death or scared to life?  As the days feel like weeks and the weeks like months, when we wake up and we are unsure if its Saturday or Monday, let’s not succumb to the negativity, but let’s commit to creating a path that leads to becoming better and stronger than before!

When our home is also our office, it can be difficult to separate the two. We begin to blur the lines and may inadvertently miss other, and often more meaningful, things like dinner with the family and spending time on self-care.  

I believe this to be true for everyone: we must keep physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. We need to. We have to get up every day and stick to a routine to the best of our ability, just like we did before the virus.  We have to continue to create our sense of normalcy, stay focused on the things we can control, and knock those out of the park! We have to help lift people up, not down.  

Let’s not bury our heads in the sand, but let’s not pay attention to the nonsense either.  As soon as I feel myself get wound up, I remind myself what I am grateful for, listen to one of my favorite podcasts, reach out to an old friend, interact with my family or do something for someone else. It stops the negative energy.

We will eventually be better – as individuals, as a community and as a society. These are the moments that forge the future, that stand as turning points and catalysts for real change in our lives.  They are here to test us, to make us rise to the occasion, build resilience and create opportunities to level up.  

We need to rise to the challenge and have faith that this crisis will be over soon.  It’s our chance to prove something, not to everyone else, but to ourselves.  We have it in us to be better. If we aren’t inspired or forced to push ourselves, how will we ever know what we are truly capable of?

Craig Jackman

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