Paragon Welcomes Stevie Billingsley

Stevie Billingsley, Recruiting Specialist

We're thrilled to welcome Stevie Billingsley as a Recruiting Specialist to the Paragon recruiting team!

1. Born and raised in Arizona, enjoying living¬†life in the White Mountains where I enjoy 4 seasons! Yes, it snows in AZ ūüėČ
2. Married with 3 beautiful daughters - 3, 12, & 14 - Pray for me …. 

3. I have an itch to travel, all the time! Drives my husband crazy ūüėú In fact my goal is to purchase an airstream and travel the world¬†when I can retire from Paragon!¬†

4. Proud owners of a few classic cars! 65Ford Mustang (currently restoring, drove this my senior year in high school & that’s how my husband fell in love with me) 73 Ford Bronco, 50 Ford Truck, and a 71 split bumper Camaro! 

5. My family loves to snowboard, even my 3 year old! 
6. I love to hike, and prefer to do it solo! I am also wilderness first-aid certified. 

7. I dropped out of high school, but luckily went back and graduated! 

8. I have 2 dogs, and 5 chickens! 

9. I love watching my two older daughters play volleyball and most of my weekends are spent doing this. 

10. I play coed softball & volleyball.

11. I was named after Stevie Nicks & of course love her music. 

12. My husband is a twin, his grandma, my dad, my grandma, &¬†I was a twin!!! Thank goodness I did NOT have twins ūüėÖ

13. Favorite place I’ve been - Fairbanks, AK and seeing the northern lights! 

14. I’ve had braces, twice!! 

15. My favorite food is sushi.

16. I’ve never had a broken bone.

17. My husband & I both used to race and we still love watching races of any kind. Preferably off-road.

18. Coffee lover!!!!!!!

19. I am happiest in nature.

20. Passionate about my work.

21. My husband and I have been skydiving and yes, I would do it again! 

22. I love to paint.

23 I have one sibling, older sister and we are complete opposite’s.

24. My favorite color is purple.

25. Favorite musical artist - Tom Petty! 

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