Paragon Welcomes Mike Zika

Mike Zika, Recruiting Specialist

As Paragon continues to serve more clients in Minnesota, we are excited to welcome Mike Zika as a Senior Recruiting Specialist. Here are some fun facts about Mike:

1.       Born and raised in a small Wisconsin town called Durand. Population 1,931 with two stoplights, one Subway and one McDonald's.

2.      Raised a cheese head, but bleed purple and gold on Sunday. SKOL!

3.      Attended Iowa State University and graduated with a Criminal Justice major while throwing heavy metal objects on the Track and Field team. GO CYCLONES!

4.      Love music. If I wouldn't have been involved with track in college I would have loved to try out for their drumline.  

5.      Both my parents are teachers and, ironically, I had my mom as my 5th-grade teacher. 

6.      I have two older siblings (older brother, older sister) living in the Minneapolis metro, while my little sister lives in Lacrosse, WI. 

7.       I was heavily involved in Scouts growing up, and finished as a Life Scout (one away from Eagle, the highest rank).  

8.       Working as a security officer upon graduation, I volunteered to get tased by a police officer for our "taser" training course. Horrifying pain and would highly recommend complying under any circumstance if put into the situation.

9.      Sushi connoisseur.

10.    This statement always keeps me humble; I'm a huge Creed fan and will be the first to admit it! They were the first CD I ever bought.

11.     Coincidentally caught a drumstick at a concert from my favorite drummer Scott Phillips (lead drummer for Creed at the time, now Alterbridge) and was offered $300 for it. Needless to say, it’s still sitting on my bookshelf, some things money just can’t buy.

12.    I have a strong passion for new tech and Cryptocurrencies and have been learning/educating others about them for the past five years. 

13.    Life doesn't get much better than a homemade Kombucha brew and a good book.

14.    Hung out and escorted one of my idol’s, Dalvin Cook (Vikings football player), during a security gig while working Super Bowl LII. 

15.    Grew up idolizing my brother, Chris Carter and Kevin Garnett when it came to sports. Randy Moss honorable mention.  

16.    I have a 10 lb. dog (shih tzu-bichon) named Remy who's the queen of the castle in our apartment.

17.    I am currently engaged and looking to tie the knot in Charleston, SC, this May to my beautiful fiancé Liz.

18.    Avid fisherman and outdoorsman (when I can be living in the city).

19.    Love breweries and craft beer

20.    Ran my first half marathon (Spartan Race) in Hawaii, in the same valley Jumanji and Jurassic Park were filmed.

21.    Snorkeled with Galapagos sharks (no cage) in Hawaii a mile off the coast. Absolutely terrifying but rewarding experience. 

22.    Explored/visited my family heritage in Holland for two months in high school, while traveling throughout Europe to Switzerland, Belgium and France.

23.    When Covid is over, I would love to go on a honeymoon/backpacking excursion across Europe with Liz.

24.    I had never seen an episode of Survivor until it was introduced by my fiancé three months ago. Since then I have spent a majority of my Covid catching up on all the seasons. If season 41 ever presents itself, I just might submit an audition tape.

25.    If I could have dinner with two people on this earth, it would be Elon Musk and Satoshi Nakamoto. 

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