Meet Paragon Account Executive Nick Patraw

Meet Paragon Account Executive Nick Patraw

Nick Patraw joined the team in December and serves as an account executive helping clients find top talent and assisting with staffing and project-based resource needs.

Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Patraw began his career as a consultant in the hospitality industry before going back to school to study computer science. Combining his passion for providing exceptional service and technical knowledge, Patraw has spent the past 18 months driving results for clients within information and technology.

“I take tremendous pride in building and maintaining relationships with IT professionals and Paragon has done that well for over 22 years,” said Patraw.“ Our values and approach are consistent which is what brought me to the organization.”

We asked Patraw a few questions and here are his responses!

Best Part About Your Job? Meeting interesting people

Hobbies? Golf, Twins Games, breweries, spending time with family and friends, painting

Favorite TV Show? The Office

Favorite Book? Angels and Demons

Favorite Podcast? Gary Vee

Favorite Athlete: Tiger Woods

Favorite Spots Team? Twins

Favorite Place to Travel? Hawaii (Maui)

Favorite Food? Noodles in any form

Favorite Musical Artist? Different every day

Can't live without? My putter, wife and dogs

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