Paragon Welcomes Kate Wittkop

Paragon Welcomes Kate Wittkop

Kate Wittkop, Delivery Manager

Paragon is excited to welcome Kate Wittkop as a Delivery Manager to the team! Kate will mange our Consultant Relationship Program.

Here are 25 fun facts about Kate:

1. I’m married to a redhead and we have a little redheaded baby boy named Jerry who just turned one and is the sweetest thing in the whole world.

2. I was born in Alexandria, Virginia and…

3. …when I moved to Iowa, I was such a genius that I skipped first grade!

4. I graduated from Valley High School and we now live in Waukee.

5. I graduated from Iowa State with a BS in Journalism.  

6. I have two dogs, Reggie and Duncan. Reggie is nine and is named after Reggie Wayne (he was on my fantasy football team the year we adopted him, plus he just looks like a Reggie.) Duncan is eight and is named after Tim Duncan - my husband’s favorite person.

7. I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan and have been to four games at AT&T Stadium - they lost each one!!!

8. I’ve watched Desperate Housewives all the way through ten times, minimum.

9. I love hot dogs.

10. I have a 22 year old brother, Josh. He’s going to school at Iowa State and is a Sensor Operator in the USAF.

11. I have a cat, Peaches. She loves to kill. She is a lady of the streets.

12. I love to play games; board games, video games, games with sport balls.

13. I can be annoyingly competitive, but you want me on your sand volleyball team.

14. I love to gamble and am super jazzed to not work at the casino anymore so I can play!

15. Seinfeld is my favorite tv show of all time, but I swear my son is not named after Jerry Seinfeld.

16. I have only been pulled over once, and it was for not coming to a complete stop when turning right on red. :(

17. I love shopping. I have Ambassador status on the Nordstrom card. This is not a brag, but a cry for help.

18. My legal name is Mary-Katherine, I’ve gone by Katie since I moved to Iowa in second grade and I absolutely hate it! All my best friends call me Kert. I’m trying to rebrand myself professionally as Kate.

19. I love my friends like they are my family. They mean the world to me.

20. My husband is a civil engineer and right now we think we want to have four or five kids…lol

21. When Nick and I got married, my in-laws had us pick anywhere in the world to celebrate our one year anniversary, and they took us there. We picked Kenya, and went on a safari!!  You HAVE to go to Africa if you get the chance!!

22. Potato eyes are my biggest fear. Like a sprouted potato. I would include a photo here so you know what I’m talking about just in case you’re confused, but I seriously cannot even Google Image search “sprouted potatoes”.

23. I am a pet sitter on Rover. I love animals. If you need me to watch your pets, I’ll do it. One of my 39 business ideas is to open a luxury dog boarding/daycare facility.

24. I eat sushi three times a week and giving it up was the hardest thing about being pregnant.

25. I think you get back the energy you put out into the world, and always try to give out good vibes.

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