Paragon Welcomes Corey Fowler

Corey Fowler, Recruiting Specialist

Paragon is excited to welcome Corey Fowler as a Recruiting Specialist to the team! Corey will help with hiring and engaging top tech talent.

Here are 25 fun facts about Corey:

1. I grew up in Boone Iowa eating dirt from the Boone Speedway. 

2. I am an identical twin (Robbert) and I have a younger sister named (Bailey) who gave us little spit fire Gracelynn Marie and recently gave birth to Bryson James Allan. I also have a half-brother, named Vincent. 

3. I have my amazing family Bruce& Jeanna Warrick and my real father Steve Fowler who have always supported me.

4. I was a huge baseball fanatic growing up that led me to play in college.

5. I attended Hesston College and Grand View University where I studied Psychology, Marketing and Information Technology.

6. I reside in Ankeny with my amazing girlfriend, Emily, who is a 5th grade teacher in Ames.

7. We have two annoying dogs named Titus (12lbs), little ankle biter, and Ace (85lbs) - we love them.

8. I love to hunt and fish and do basically anything outdoors.

9. I’m a big entrepreneur and love challenging myself to learn new things.

10. I eat more chicken strips and mozzarella sticks than anyone in my family - Sam's Club rocks.

11. I love to attend Tennessee Titan’s games. My twin is a Titan’s cheerleader so I go for free even though I'm a Chief’s fan.

12. I have a very strong passion for volunteering and helping others.

13. My family would tell you I eat more candy than food - Take 5's are my favorite.

14. My favorite drink would have to be the Mountain Dew - Voltage.

15. I began my professional career in the copy/ print industry which allowed me to develop a ton of wonderful relationships. 

16. Emily and I are “Wheel of Fortune” junkies - we don’t miss a night!

17. I try and listen to an audiobook and read everyday.

18. I love boating and being out on the water with my family.

19. Went deep sea spearfishing for my best friend's bachelor party in Punta Gorda, Florida. It was a rush swimming with sharks and groupers.

20. I love meeting new people and learning their stories as life has incredible obstacles that we all overcome. 

21. Grateful for second chances in life… as I almost died in a car accident last year.

22. I have a crazy dream of meeting the famous “Trailer Park Boys” who put me in the best mood if I’m not having a good day! 

23. From my baseball years I am hooked on chewing sunflower seeds, the David “Sweet & Spicy” kind. 

24. I absolutely love grilling out, even though I’m not that good, it’s fun to almost burn my eyebrows off. 

25. I am a caring soul.

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