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Welcome Brad Labarbera to the Paragon Team

Paragon Welcomes New Team Member

Brad LaBarbera is the new Solutions Development Manager for Paragon

Brad LaBarbera is the new Solutions Development Manager for Paragon’s expanding Midwest Market, and resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, now making our Minny team 3 strong!

There must be something in the water up in Wisconsin, as we unknowingly added another cheese head to the team.  Here are 25 things to help you get to know Brad!

  1. I grew up in Eau Claire, WI with three siblings. My parents were both teachers.
  2. Both my mother’s and my father’s parents were second-generation immigrants. Sicily (father’s side), and Germany (mother’s side).
  3. I have 2 awesome children, a 6-year old girl named “Roslyn”, and a 1-year old boy named “Desi”. Yes, all of the older women at the grocery store love my son because they all watched “I Love Lucy” and Ricky Ricardo’s real name is “Desi Arnaz”!
  4. My wife and I will also celebrate 10 years together this January. The plan is a surprise trip to Cuba.
  5. Traveling is something I not only enjoy but require as it humbles and enlightens me. I’ve flown internationally eight times, including Italy, France, Spain (2x), Canada (2x), Turks and Caicos, & Mexico.
  6. When I travel, I mostly explore by mingling with locals and tend to avoid tourist areas, as I believe this is the best way to learn the history, food, culture, and infrastructure of new places. I have also met several life-long friends this way.
  7. My favorite city in North America is Montreal (food, people, French language).
  8. I also have a personal goal of traveling to all fifty states in the USA within the next few years. Currently, I am at 31.
  9. I played college football (free safety), for St. Cloud State University, and soon found out that I cared more about DJ’ing and creating music than I did for the sport.
  10. In my free time, I write and record music in my professional studio at my house. I have placed my music in over 30 Television episodes including the popular TV series “Sons of Anarchy”.
  11. Music, I love it all, except for the music I don’t like!
  12. I'm also a Grammy Voting member and can vote for two categories, “Best Engineered Album” and “Album of the Year”. I may attend this year with my wife.
  13. I have a pretty healthy vinyl record collection. Everything from 60’s music to current.
  14. Cooking is a big hobby of mine, mostly ethnic, rare Italian cuisine like sfincione and puttanesca.
  15. I enjoy good beer and wine, sometimes too much (dad body creeping in)!
  16. It is safe to say if I could only have one thing in my refrigerator, it would be loads of different olives. Such a thing to say, but it's true.
  17. I got to drive my first Ferrari this year for 2-straight days in Los Angeles. The model was a “360 Challenge”. Next time I visit, I will have access to a McLaren 720S. This means there will be no greater cars to drive, so I can scratch these off my bucket list!
  18. If I did have to pick a “dream car”, it would be a 67’ Lincoln.
  19. The first thing I have built, was a new deck this Summer which took me 5-weekends in a row to complete. As far as I can tell, it looks straight.
  20. We have a dog named Romeo (Cavalier Spaniel).
  21. It’s safe to say my favorite movie is “Snatch”, an iconic cult classic.
  22. My favorite actors would include Idris Elba, Jeff Bridges, Benecio Del Toro, and Simon Pegg.
  23. I have also had a crush on Sophia Loren since I was 12 years old after watching “Grumpier Old Men”! I still do, she is 84, not awkward.
  24. Technology is a daily read for me and still keep in touch with all of the developers and software architects I have met in the last 7 years.
  25. I look forward to meeting everyone, getting to know each other and hearing your stories. Definitely excited to be onboard at Paragon and winning as a team.

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