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The Future of Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

For years, talent acquisition consisted of employers informing their employees that they were hiring and asking them for any referrals. A company would have to rely on their employees to find the best candidates. This could take a long time, and in that time, employers lost energy and resources. In today's society, recruiting has changed significantly as a result of technology. A new type of talent acquisition, called social sourcing, was formed. Social sourcing is where employers use social media sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) to find a wide variety of talented employees.  

talent aquistion

What Type Of Companies Use Social Sourcing?

Social sourcing is being used by companies of all sizes. Social media is becoming a part of our daily lives. Companies should realize this and take advantage of it. It is an excellent way to reach top talent while sharing your company's brand image. Companies can also track their impressions and clicks to measure how well their posts are doing.

In fact, according to talentnow, 80 percent of employers say that social recruiting helps them find passive candidates. 75 percent of potential hires aren't actively searching, recruiters have to use social to reach them. 70% of managers say that they have successfully hired with social. Finally, 89% of companies plan to recruit using social.

Benefits of Using Social Sourcing

  • Increase Job Viability- With more and more individuals jumping aboard the social media train,  a company's job posting can be seen by a massive amount of individuals. Social sourcing is a great way to find the top candidates for your position.
  • Improve Quality of Hire- Social sourcing allows you to target exactly what kind of candidates you want for your position. For example, LinkedIn allows recruiters to target individuals based on their work history.
  • Brand Awareness- A strong social media presence can make your brand more recognizable.
  • Increase Referrals- Social sourcing allows individuals to tag their friends or family members that would be suitable for a job. Your staff can also share the job posting on their social media and reach out to even more potential candidates.
  • Decreases Hiring Cost- Recruiting over social media can be a lot cheaper than other forms of recruiting.

Paragon IT Professionals is a great option to combine both talent acquisition and social sourcing. Whether you are looking to hire IT professionals or you are an IT  professional, contact Paragon today and we will be happy to assist you!


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