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Interviewing As An Introvert

Interview Tips For Introverts

Almost everyone finds interviewing stressful. If you happen to be an introvert, you may think interviewing sounds impossible. Preparation is key when it comes to interviewing for introverts. From answering questions on the spot, to small talk, to talking about yourself, learn how to prepare yourself for your interview.

Research The Company

Introvert Interviewing

Companies want to know that you understand what they do. Take time to research the company that you are interviewing with. You can review the company website, look for recent news articles, or read employee's reviews of the company on Glassdoor.com. You can also try and find out who you will be interviewing with and use LinkedIn to find some details on that person.

Practice Common Questions

Feeling unprepared is not a great feeling. While you may not be able to predict every question the interviewer will ask, it is helpful to practice common interview questions. The more that you practice, the more confident you will feel, allowing you to improve your answers.

It is also important to think beforehand what questions you could ask the interviewer if they ask whether you have questions or not. Get some ideas of questions that you could ask HERE.

Prepare For Small Talk

Often times, introverts do not like small talk. However, preparing yourself from the very beginning and knowing that small talk is likely to occur, you can be ready for it.

Silence Is Okay

The interviewer may ask you a question that stumps you.  Don't be afraid to sit and think for a few minutes before answering. While it may seem awkward to sit in silence, it's okay! It is better to sit and think for a moment rather than rambling on.

Sell Your Qualities

Just because you are an introvert, doesn't mean you don't have great qualities that will benefit the company. Don't be afraid to sell your qualities!

Before the interview takes place, think about your qualities and accomplishments. This will help you feel prepared and come across confident in your qualities that you will offer the company.

Say Thank You

After the interview, take time to write or email a thank you not to the person that interviewed you. This can help to leave a lasting impression and stand out from other possible candidates.

Paragon IT Professionals

Paragon IT Professionals wants individuals to be successful during their interview! If you are interested in connecting with us, contact us today or connect with us on LinkedIn. We look forward to working with you!


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