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Improve Active Listening Skills At Work

Active Listening

Communication is as important as ever in today's world. With more information being passed around faster and through more than one way, it is important for employees to learn the importance

With effective listening, employees are less likely to make mistakes and waste less time. Continue reading to find out how you can become a better active listener and what the benefits are for your company.

Become A Better Active Listener

What are the traits of an active listener? Follow these tips to help you become a successful active listener in the workplace.

Be Present.

In order to actually hear what the other person is saying, you must give the individual your full attention. When you are at work, there are so many different ways that you could be distracted. From email, to your phone, to other employees chatting in the office, it is no wonder you don't fully listen to anyone that is having a conversation with you. Make sure that you listen to each word the other person is speaking. Whether it be in meetings, a conversation on the phone, or talking in person, active listening is extremely necessary.

Don't Interrupt.
Giving someone else your undivided attention shows that you respect what the other is saying. You will be less likely to misunderstand or miss what the person is saying to you. Give the individual your full attention and let them finish their thoughts before you respond.

Keep An Open Mind.

If you already have an opinion made up in your mind prior to hearing someone out, you won't be able to actively listen. Listen to their thoughts before making up your own.


If you aren't exactly sure what the other person is saying or you are required to do something in response, make sure to confirm what the other person means. This will help ensure you that you know exactly what was said and will help you know what to do. Remember not to interrupt. Wait until the other person is at a stopping point before asking for clarification.


After the other person has finished speaking, restate what they have told you. This will help show them that you were listening. Once you have summarized what they have said to you, it is your turn to speak. Ask them to do the same for you.

Benefits Of Being An Active Listener At Work

Active listening at work can provide many benefits to companies. Some benefits include:

  • Fewer Misunderstandings
Active Listening at work
  • Better Work Relationships
  • Less Mistakes
  • Stronger Work Performance

If you are able to apply these tips to your daily work routine, there is no doubt that both you and your company will benefit from active listening. For more tips, check out Paragon's blog section!

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