IT Staffing in Iowa and Minnesota

IT Staffing Experts

At Paragon IT Professionals, our core business is finding the right talent for our clients. In a tight IT labor market with an also ever-increasing skills gap, the ability to find, attract, engage, and also deliver IT talent quickly is critical to the success of our clients. Whether you are looking for functional business professionals like PM’s and BA’s or technical professionals along the software development life cycle, Paragon can help you succeed.

We will find the talent that also propels your business strategy forward. The experts at Paragon IT Professionals excel at IT staffing in Des Moines, Iowa City, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Omaha, Lincoln, and also many other Midwest cities.  We can find the right people for your specific needs in any given situation. When you choose Paragon IT Professionals, you can expect to receive staffing solutions that work for you!

Why Choose Paragon?

There are many reasons to choose Paragon IT Professionals, and the main one is that our team has the experience and knowledge to meet all of your IT Staffing needs. We work with you to understand your specific IT staffing needs. A few other reasons to choose Paragon include:

  • Paragon has set the IT staffing bar for 20+ years in the Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota markets.

  • We’re committed to legendary service that exceeds expectations.

  • Our Consultant Relationship Program provides robust communication and engagement between client and consultant.

  • Paragon is relationship focused, beginning with our own team and extends to our clients, partners, consultants, and community.

The IT talent you need, at your fingertips.  Contact Paragon today.