Your #1 Attraction & Retention Strategy for 2019 –  IT Leadership Forums

300 of your Midwest I.T. peers fully endorse this strategy

With 300 participating leaders (32% female) from 30 different Central Iowa organizations since its inception, Paragon’s IT Leadership Forums are an exceptional opportunity for companies to grow the leadership skills of select information technology managers. Now Paragon is pleased to announce that we are currently building Forums in the Minneapolis market.

The Connected Leader

IT leadership forums

Paragon has formally integrated White Rabbit Group’s Connected Leader™ as the foundation of its
Forum programming. Connected Leader™ is White Rabbit’s system for forming leaders who can Fulfill the Mission, Connect with their People, and Make More Leaders. The system is a step-by-step guide to forming successful leaders who retain their best people.

Paragon hosts IT Leadership Forums with 15-20 members who meet monthly for one year. Meetings include an educational component with a leadership, communication or technology expert presenting on their area of expertise.

Topics are used by the members for personal development or applied to their work and career. One of the most valuable components of each meeting, according to Forum alumni, is the group discussion. Forum members present a challenge, issue or idea to seek advice and input from their peers. And because the Forum is made up of members from many different companies, their challenges, issues, and ideas are met with new ways of thinking.

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The IT Leadership Forum is a great way to network with colleagues from other organizations in a deeper way. It was a great monthly oasis from the grind of everyday work, and was a great way to focus on developing as a leader. As a group, we dug into some key topics for leaders and provided resources for each other to use for the long-term. – VP of IT, Fortune 100 Company.


If you or a leader within your organization wants to participate, please contact Joel Jackman:
515-288-2128 x202