Experiencing Iowa Technology

In early November, I found myself leading a busload of college students on a technology tour of central Iowa. It was part of Experience Iowa Technology, a program created by the Technology Association of Iowa that targets college students studying computer science and MIS-related curriculum.

The tour was a great success. 60 students from Iowa colleges and universities had a chance to peer inside Des Moines’ technology and start up community. It began with a visit to Start-up City on Thursday night for a Tech Brew and Pitch and Grow. On Friday, they toured several central Iowa employers to learn about the IT within each company and meet the people and leaders who drive it. The experience ended with an evening event at Exile Brewing Company.

Swing Thoughts For The Interviewing IT Professional

In golf, there are a thousand things you can be thinking about as you address the ball. Professional golfers have one thought, a “swing thought.” Keeping it simple keeps them from suffering “paralysis from analysis.” So, why not apply this to your next job interview? [download Swing Thoughts for the Interviewing IT Professional]

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