5 Tips That Will Get Your Resume Noticed

As a job applicant, your hardest job is getting yourself in front of a company. According to a recent Workopolis study, only 2% of applicants for a job get an interview. Those chances increase when working with a specialized staffing company. With this in mind, you need to develop your resume to stand out from the pack for you to have a realistic chance to land that interview, much less earn the position you desire.

Advantages Of A Dedicated Partnership

When your company needs to fill an IT role, whether temporary or permanent, you have good reasons to work with a staffing partner. The IT field changes from moment to moment and your needs evolve constantly. Finding the right fit for your company in the midst of all this change represents a significant challenge.

The 5 Most Common Interview Mistakes

In many ways, getting an interview with a prospective employer serves as the hardest part of the job application process. Getting your resume right and reaching that stage can thus feel like a tremendous accomplishment. Still, landing an interview is not the same as getting a job. You may face stiff competition, or you may make a mistake that derails the interview for you. While you cannot help the former, you have control over your own interview. Avoiding the most common interview mistakes puts you in position to get the job.

Mental Performance

The college football season kicks off in earnest this Saturday. Scan the sidelines at Jack Trice Stadium and you’ll spot Marty Martinez standing near the kickers. He works with them and many Cyclone athletes in his role as sports psychologist. He also presents to our IT Leadership Forum classes and over the years we’ve learned how the mental aspect of athletic performance shares many similarities with performance in the business world.

Careers: Lights, Camera, Action

We’re in a cycle of heavy demand for IT talent. Scan the headlines and you’ll see companies and orginizations working hard to attract and retain talent. One thing we noticed after reviewing the list of companies on a Best Places to Work in IT list (ComputerWorld) is that several of the top companies really SELL their career opportunities and company. The common element is video — four of the top five companies use video to invite potential employees inside. So do tech stalwarts Google, Zappos and Netflix — companies known for their culture and benefits.

Best Place To Work

You can find a roadmap to building a Best Place to Work in IT by digging through a new report of the same name from Computerworld. It details many of the tactics companies are using to attract and retain employees. Much if it may be familiar to you if your company listens to your ideas, will train you, lets you work on pet projects, puts on events and offers free food.

IT Salaries Increase And The Troops Are Restless


Dice.com released its annual Tech Salary Survey on January 22nd. Highlighted among the report were two enlightening, if slightly contradictory, findings. The more positive of these two was a 2% increase in technology salaries in the United States over the course of the last 12 months. Dice’s findings also indicate, however, that technology professionals are growing dissatisfied with the compensation their employers are providing. Let me say that again: Salaries are up, but satisfaction with those same increased salaries is slipping.

A Degree In IT

There have been a few initiatives launched in central Iowa in recent weeks that call attention to the demand for Information Technology professionals (and other STEM-related professions). One involves a partnership between DMACC and several central Iowa companies; another is the creation of new STEM-related degrees and a building to house related-programs at Drake; and the Technology Association of Iowa is partnering with its members to create an apprenticeship program.

Career Meetup

Jobs, resumes, interviewing and other career-related topics highlighted the September meeting of the Des Moines Web Geeks. Paragon Recruiter Melody […]


One of the best things about being nominated for a Prometheus Award is the opportunity to make a video about your company. That’s what the Technology Association of Iowa ask you to do if you’re a nominee, and they don’t give any guidelines other than don’t go any longer than 30 seconds.

We viewed that as a suggestion. Then we unleashed our acting talent, which you can judge in the video above.

It was fun to put this together and it was great to be included the Prometheus Awards again this year. We’ve been to several and this year’s gathering might be the biggest and best yet. Congrats to TAI and all the winners.