IT Benefits For Your Company

With an increasing trend in technology, small businesses have been able to become household names all across the world. As competition increases, companies are relying on information technology to increase their overall performance and streamline their services.

H-1B Visa Webinar With Immigration Attorney Furqan Sunny Azhar

During the course of our daily business, we at Paragon realize our clients have varying degrees of knowledge surrounding immigration law and what is required for H1B extensions.  Because the denial of a visa extension can have a direct impact on your day to day productivity, we invite you to watch this recorded webinar with immigration attorney, Furqan Sunny Azhar as we discuss the most common hurdles we run into with consultants and their H1B visas.

Talent Acquisition Vs. Recruiting

It can be difficult to determine the difference between talent acquisition and recruiting. While they may both place individuals in an open position, there is a difference between the two. Continue reading to learn what both talent acquisition and recruiting are, as well as find out which approach is right for you.

Improve Active Listening Skills At Work

Communication is as important as ever in today’s world. With more information being passed around faster and through more than one way, it is important for employees to learn the importance of listening. With effective listening, employees are less likely to make mistakes and waste less time. Continue reading to find out how you can become a better active listener and what the benefits are for your company.

Paragon Reaches Milestone Raising Over $100,000 For STEM Scholarships In Iowa

Paragon IT Professionals, a leading regional I.T. Staffing and Solutions provider, announced today that its IT Leadership Forum Charity Golf Tournament has raised over $100,000 to fund scholarships for graduating Iowa seniors. Scholarship recipients will attend Iowa universities and plan to earn STEM-related degrees.

Welcome Brad Labarbera To The Paragon Team

Brad LaBarbera is the new Solutions Development Manager for Paragon’s expanding Midwest Market, and resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Interviewing As An Introvert

Almost everyone finds interviewing stressful. If you happen to be an introvert, you may think interviewing sounds impossible. Preparation is key when it comes to interviewing for introverts. From answering questions on the spot, to small talk, to talking about yourself, learn how to prepare yourself for your interview.

5 Powerful Employee Retention Strategies

Losing a good employee not only takes a toll on managers but can also affect your entire staff. When an employee leaves their job, other employees may begin to question whether they should be looking for a new job as well. Losing employees costs your company both financially and in terms of morale.

Mike Wagner Delivers Response Readiness 101 Training To Consultants

Mike Wagner shares his systematic approach to working with clients and teams called “Response Readiness” with the Paragon IT Staffing and Consulting team in Des Moines.

The Importance Of Big Data

Companies can use big data to find customer insights and make strategic business moves as a result of it. Many people underestimate the power of Big Data, however, companies that understand the power of it can use it to their advantage to transform their business.