5 Ways To Build A Strong Network

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s who you know, not what you know”? In today’s society, having a strong network is the key to having a successful career. Without connections, it can be difficult to get a job or build up your business even if you have the right skills and education. If you are an IT Professional looking to build up your network, check out these tips from Paragon IT Professionals.

Ready To Enhance Your Skill Set And Marketability With 330 Free Ivy League Courses?

If it sounds too good to be true – think twice. Top Ivy League schools are offering a broad range of courses absolutely FREE.

The Gig Economy: How To Adjust To Support The Future Of The Workplace

The workforce as we know it is changing. Employees are in search of a better work-home balance. As a result the Gig Economy is rapidly growing, where temporary and flexible jobs are the common practice and companies hire independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time employees.

Sleep Affects Your Job Performance

Are you having a hard time staying awake during the work day or finding that you have to load up on caffeine each day so your thoughts don’t feel foggy? It should be no surprise then that sleep is a large influence on work performance. When you are tired, your brain is not able to be as creative and it has a harder time processing information quickly and retaining important facts.

Paragon IT Leadership Forum – The Most Powerful Employee Attraction And Retention Strategy For Minnesota Companies

by Joel Jackman
After eight years and 210 leaders have flowed through our forums, I felt it was an important step to back up and dissect what has made them so successful and desirable. The Paragon IT Leadership Forum journey has been amazingly powerful for me. I’ve seen how great leadership has become the talent attraction and retention strategy that trumps all others.

Bringing Talent To Des Moines, IA

Trying to find the perfect place to live and work? While Iowa may not be at the top of your list right away, we are confident that the opportunities available will make you change your mind. Des Moines, IA is quickly becoming a very popular location for professionals. In fact, U.S News ranked it as the #4 Best Place to Live. Paragon is headquartered in Des Moines, so we thought it would be fun to tell you all about this great city and what it can offer for you!

5 Tips For Recent Graduates In The World Of IT

Graduating college is an exciting time. However, finding a job can be stressful. The good news about the IT industry is that there are many opportunities available due to our technology-driven society. If you are a recent graduate in the IT world, it is important to make yourself stand out in order to land your first job. Paragon has put together a list of five tips for recent graduates to stand out and land a job in the IT industry.

Factors Influencing IT Salaries

If you are starting to explore the world of IT and are trying to find out what common salaries are, you may be finding a lot of confusing information. There are a lot of variables that go into calculating salaries for IT positions.


Artificial intelligence is still a baby, but the fact that its rapid growth is going to change things is pretty evident to anyone in IT. But is AI going to change things for the better or should we prepare for havoc? It’s still tricky to predict.

Paragon IT Bringing IT Staffing Expertise To Minnesota

Paragon IT is proud to expand it’s IT Staffing and IT Services company to the state of Minnesota. We have a 20-year history as well as a worldwide reach that we know will benefit people in the area. The areas of focus will be increasing the IT capabilities of our Minnesota based clients in IT staffing, project services, business analytics, and other dedicated services.

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