Technology Jobs

Tech jobs are on the rise. Opportunities are increasing in locations other than the traditional United States tech hubs. This allows tech workers the chance to still earn a higher salary and live in a more affordable area. While Iowa may not be your first thought when thinking of a tech city,  Smartasset ranked both Des Moines and Cedar Rapids in the top 10 United States Cities to work in for technology in 2018.

Iowa is also a popular location for data centers. Companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple all have built data centers in Iowa according to The Des Moines Register.

Iowa offers different incentives for data centers and web search companies. It offers companies a great location with a less expensive cost of living, lower power costs, tax incentives, and renewable energy investment opportunities. tech jobs in Iowa

Tech Jobs In Des Moines

Smartasset ranks Des Moines at spot #2 for the top United States cities to work in for technology in 2018. Des Moines offers tech workers several stable and secure job opportunities. Tech workers can expect a low unemployment rate as well. It also happens to be rated the #4 best place to live in the United States according to US News.

Tech Jobs In Cedar Rapids

Smartasset also ranks Cedar Rapids in the top 10 United States cities to work in for technology in 2018. At spot #4, Cedar Rapids offers a low unemployment rate at 1.8% and only 4.3.% of all workers are employed in the tech industry.

Paragon IT Professionals In Iowa

With so many opportunities for tech workers, Iowa is a great place for professionals to grow their career. Paragon is proud to have our corporate headquarters located in Des Moines, IA and we enjoy seeing new talent grow in Iowa.