Here at Paragon we love working with a wide-range of richly talented consultants who bring a wonderful presence to their contracts and workplaces. This month, through our Consultant Relationship Program, we honored the 2019 Q1 Consultant of the Quarter for Nebraska and Iowa; Stephanie Trudell in Omaha and Chai Valleru in Des Moines received the top honors.

“The consultants chosen for top recognition this quarter, exemplify integrity, exceptional skill sets, and bring their absolute best to their work environments. We love having them in the Paragon family,” said Paragon’s Director of Consultant Relations, Amanda Wiemann.

About the Consultants

Chai has been with Paragon for a couple of different projects over the past few years. He’s made his presence felt not only from the quality of his code, but from the energy and enthusiasm he brings on a daily basis. Chai was recently awarded the “Chipper Award” for being a joyful team member, chosen from all full time and contractors in his area. Chai is an outstanding representation of Paragon and is making an impact on the culture of our clients.

Stephanie is fairly new to Paragon and to our client, but is making huge positive waves! In Stephanie’s short tenure with Paragon she has become a huge force in the development and adoption of Agile not only at our client, but in the Omaha market as a whole. Her best practices were spotlighted during her presentation this past April at Omaha Agile Development. In addition to corporate experience, Steph is an adjunct professor at Creighton where she built and teaches an Agile Curriculum to assist the Omaha market with agile-ready resources. She has an energy and passion that she brings to the table every day. She loves mentoring, facilitating and guiding a team by empowering them, and is leading the change with a smile and a servant-leader mentality.

Internal team members at Paragon can nominate Paragon consultants for things, such as customer reviews, excellence in work, and overall awesomeness over the past quarter. All of the nominations are taken to the Leadership Team for a vote. Awards are presented to the consultants with their team and managers present and lunch is then hosted for the team. The next “Consultants of the Quarter” will be announced at the end of July.