In this Paragon Podcast series “Connected Leader,” we explore effective, connected executive leadership. It inspires organizations to grow and achieve their best state. We welcome back Mike Wagner of White Rabbit Group as our featured guest and expert.

1.Episode 1:

Let’s get started! This episode kicks off the dialogue around collaborative frameworks, relationship-building and also ways to become a more cognizant, connected leader.

2.Episode 2:

After creating a conceptual foundation with the first episode, episode 2 takes a deeper dive. We talk about authentic meaningful connections. Also, how those connections can build peace, stability and retention within your organization.

3.Episode 3:

In episode 3, we unpack the topic of constructive correction (while also growing connection and trust with your organization!).

4.Episode 4:

In episode 4, we also explore ways to equip your team with new skills in various categories, such as technical skills, collaborative skills and also life leadership skills.

5.Episode 5:

In this last installment, we discuss the importance of leaders considering fulfilling the mission of the organization through actionable frameworks and processes that also lead to lasting success.

Mike is a regular speaker in our Consultant Relationship Program which delivers training and skills development to our staff of I.T. Consultants here in Des Moines, Iowa. If you’d also like to be a guest or know someone who should, please reach out and let us know.

Catch more episodes and inspiration here on our blog over at The Paragon Podcast page, which includes a full archive of episodes.