With a new year, it’s time to pay attention to trends in the IT market. Here are some top IT job trends to keep an eye on in 2019.

#1. The Rise of Horizontal Roles

For many years, IT positions have typically been vertical. As technology and also information technology becomes more closely related, companies are also focusing more on optimizing their processes to have more horizontal roles. Companies are having their IT experts communicate with clients to discuss technology related information. Employees with good leadership and people skills are going to be in high demand.

#2: Flexibility 

Employees want to have the power to decide where and how they get their job done. Having employees work remotely can help IT companies that are struggling to find talent in their own market. Companies can use this to find top talent in the industry that may not be located within their local market.

#3: Grow Your Soft Skills

In 2019, companies are looking for professionals who have soft skills such as adaptability, problem-solving, and time management. Employees who can incorporate these skills with their IT skills are likely to have a higher advantage than those who are limited to just IT knowledge.

#4: Improve Overall Business Skills

As technology is influencing all areas of business, it is a good idea to also familiarize yourself with a basic understanding of what technology is doing for your business in other departments. This is a great way to advance your career in the IT world.

#5: A Need For Cybersecurity Skills

IT professionals with cybersecurity skills can also use this to their advantage. As companies continue using new technologies at a fast rate, the need for data security and compliance is rapidly growing. Training programs in the past have not had a focus on security training, which has created a shortage of cybersecurity skills. There is a large demand for individuals with these skills. 2019 is a great year to improve your cybersecurity skills.

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