Digital IQ

Digital skills are becoming a high priority for organizations across the world. Having digital intelligence is also an important skill to have in the age of technology. Companies need to invest in and find ways to improve their employee’s Digital IQ, or their competition will surpass them. According to Digital Journal, a report from Capgemini and LinkedIn have also found that over 50% of businesses are feeling pressure from the digital skills gap. Paragon has come up with 5 ways to help your company improve its Digital IQ.

What is Digital IQ?digital IQ skills

Digital IQ measures your digital knowledge and helps to identify where you can improve to advance in your career, improve your knowledge, and build your business. In a time period of constant change, companies must remain flexible to innovation. Providing your team with more knowledge on the subject will help your company stay above the competition.

5 Ways To Improve Digital IQ

1. Align Your Business and Also Digital IQ Strategies

To have a high Digital IQ, a company must make digital investments that deliver and also maintain value. Make sure to align your company’s digital investment goals with your business goals.

2. Find and Determine Digital Initiatives

Find gaps in your organization where digital resources can also help with the overall business operation.

3. Every Member of Your Company Should Also Understand Company Digital Goals

From the bottom of the organization to the very top, every single member of your organization should also understand your companies digital goals. This will be beneficial for the success of the company.

4. Keep In Mind Human Experience

Make sure that your company’s digital goals are also in line with human experience goals. Both are important for a successful organization.

5. Invest In Technology

Make sure that your organization is ready to invest in technology. It is likely that your company will also be investing more in technology now than they did years ago. Budget accordingly for technology now and in the future. With technology continuously changing, an increased budget for technology will be beneficial.