Co-founders Joel and Craig Jackman started Paragon IT Professionals in 1997 to change how search firms and clients interacted. We set out to be more than just a vendor. We wanted to be a valued partner to our clients, helping them get the right people in the right jobs. We wanted to build a great company where people could thrive, love their work, and make a meaningful contribution.

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Our Values

We believe we must be…

Exceptional in Service to Others by continually pleasantly surprising them at every phase of delivery. When we ‘Wow’ our community by providing exceptional service, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors and establish a legacy for our company and for our families. When we perform exceptionally in service to others, we build Raving Fans.

We know how important it is to…

Pursue Mastery of our craft. Spectacular achievement is always a result of spectacular preparation. Our success as a company is directly proportionate to the effort and commitment to continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence.

In order to lead the market, we believe that being…

Passionate and Tenacious will provide the energy and ‘heart’ necessary to exceed expectations. Combine these with a continuous improvement mindset and we will attract great opportunity in the future. A team that is always driven to be better, try harder, and continually exceed customer expectations will always be a leader in business.

We believe…

Authentic and Professional team members understand what it takes to build great relationships. Those who have strong emotional intelligence understand the importance of authenticity and professionalism. Our team of professionals sternly holds themselves accountable to our values, to our customers, and to each other. Possessing these characteristics are essential to building a successful company.

Everyone at Paragon IT Professionals is committed to living these values every day with every person we work with. We are dedicated to providing the best services available to the IT community.

Craig Jackman | President, Co-Founder

Craig is the president and co-founder of Paragon. His career in technology started in 1993. He is responsible for leading the Des Moines office and strategic planning and execution at Paragon. Craig is active in the Technology Association of Iowa, The Greater Des Moines Partnership and various charitable organizations. Graduating from the University of Iowa with a B.A. in Economics in 1989, Craig is married and has three sons.

Joel Jackman | Vice President, Co-Founder

Joel Jackman is vice-president and co-founder of Paragon. Joel is responsible for new market development, strategic planning, and running the IT Leadership Forum at Paragon. He developed and leads the IT Leadership Forum, a leadership and development group for technology managers in Central Iowa. He also leads the non-profit Paragon IT Leadership Forum Scholarship Foundation, that awards scholarships to high school graduates that commit to Iowa colleges for STEM degrees. Graduating from the University of Iowa with a Liberal Arts degree in 1993, he is married and has two children.

Mark Craiger | Director of New Business Development, Partner

Mark is a senior business development leader at Paragon. Mark manages a territory focused on supplying IT talent to central Iowa companies. Mark is actively involved in the community, lending his time to organizations such as Junior Achievement and the Technology Association of Iowa, as well as youth sports. Graduating from of the University of Iowa with a B.A. in Marketing in 1991, he is married with two sons.

Donna Ballard | Director of Operations

Donna is the director of operations at Paragon. She is responsible for overseeing the functionality of the organization including finance, systems, HR and payroll. Donna is passionate about supporting the efforts of our military by volunteering with the Wingman Support Team and the Patriot Guard Riders. She is active in her community, as well as her church choir. Donna attended Iowa State University and is married with two children.

Paige Schirone | Director of Marketing

Paige is the director of marketing at Paragon. She manages Paragon’s PR, branding, event strategy, sales marketing and online presence. Paige has acted as a TAI HyperStream advisor and helps manage the Paragon IT Leadership Forum Scholarship Foundation and internship program, and the annual IT Leadership Forum Charity Open golf tournament. Graduating from Saint Olaf College with a B.A. in Art in 1998, she is married with one son and another on the way.

Amanda Wiemann | Director of Consultant Relations

Amanda is the director of consultant relations at Paragon. She has been with Paragon for over seven years with 11 years of industry experience. Her focus is on leading efforts managing our consultants in the field. Amanda’s previous experience in the industry was in sales/account management for some of Paragon’s top clients. Amanda graduated in 2005 from Simpson College with majors in Criminal Justice and Sociology with a Management minor. She has worked in London, England, Chicago, and now Des Moines. She lives in Waukee with her husband, three children, and two dogs.

Nick Roach | Director of Sales

Nick Roach is the Director of Sales at Paragon.  Nick leads the performance and execution of our sales and recruiting teams.  He is passionate about protecting a culture of accountability built around Paragon’s Core Values.  He first entered the SAAS and Outsourcing industry in 2009.  Nick spends most of his free time outside of the office enjoying time with his two sons.